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Green Square Core Values:

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As a business development system, franchising has consistently proved itself over the years. This is confirmed by the fact that governments, banks, the business community and public at large generally recognise franchising as a business vehicle with a dependable track record.

Having developed our concept to the point where it can be used successfully by others, Green Square Renewables are now seeking suitable individuals with the drive to develop their own businesses using our proven established systems. For the reasons stated above, we decided that franchising would be the most reliable way of finding potential business partners of the required calibre.

What franchising offers

Any successful business system offers benefits to all parties. While the Franchisor gains individuals with local knowledge and the enthusiasm and drive to build their own businesses, Franchise Owners benefit from:

  • Operating an already proven business system
  • Customers having confidence in a local business backed by a national organisation

It is now recognised that a franchised business has more credibility than a ‘stand alone’ operation, and a greater chance of success!
So it makes sense to choose the system that works best for those who will be operating it at local level.


Why choose the Green Square Franchise?

The reasons are comprehensive and convincing:

  • General demand - With bills for traditional gas and heat rocketing as much as 10 per cent each year, customers are looking for an alternative sustainable heating solution.
  • Product demand - Our portfolio includes products from leading European manufacturers, alongside British-built technology, all protected with exclusive agreements.
  • Training - You will receive unrivalled training and certifi cation in the operation of your Green Square business, all within our in-house 10,000sq ft renewable training centre and modern classrooms.
  • Supported by legislation - With the UK government committed to reducing CO2 emissions and increasing the use of renewable products, there currently are great financial incentives for customers making the move to a renewable solution from both an ethical and a cost-effective viewpoint.
  • Leads - A growing supply of customer leads via our website and the associated, well-established System Designer © platform.
  • Support - With two well-established associated companies supporting you in training, product supply and heating system design, you have an unrivalled support network in a new and growing industry.

Our Franchise Owners

You will have strong project management skills, combined with a high level of customer service. You will provide the local service to local customers whilst building the Green Square brand and developing your business through building a small dedicated team using sub-contractors.

Roles and responsibilities of our Franchise Owners include:

  • Local marketing and PR
  • Sales processing
  • Procurement
  • Surveys
  • Project management

As part of a growing network, you must be a team player, be prepared to share experiences, and have a genuine desire to provide the very best service to your customers.

Back-up will always be there

One certainty however, is that you will never be on your own. Behind you will be the full experience of the Green Square team. As your Franchise Partner we will not only supply you with an established business system, but provide all the help you need to run it. Advice and guidance will be no further than a phone call away.

You will receive a full turn-key business package, complete with everything you need – training, marketing materials, business stationery, IT items and a complete back-up service.

Remember – You will be operating your own business using the Green Square system and reaping the rewards.