Overview of a Green Square Renewable Franchise


Green Square Core Values:

Strive for transparency and honesty in all our communications and providing a ‘Best Value’ solution to customers at all times


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The Green Square concept

As a leading provider of renewable energy solutions, we supply and install renewable energy technology for homeowners and small businesses.

Green Square helps consumers find a sustainable energy solution that meets their requirements and takes them through each step of the process, from initial analysis to installation and after-sales service.

What is renewable energy?

We are all familiar with solar panels and wind turbines, but renewable energy is much more than this. The Energy Saving Trust defines it as ‘energy from any source that is naturally replenished when used’.

There are four main areas from which we can source such energy:

•  Sun
•  Earth, air and water
•  Plants grown for fuel
•  Movement of water and wind


All these energy sources can be harnessed to deliver sustainable heating and energy for our homes and workplaces. Indeed, it is recognised by the Energy Saving Trust that new homes should use almost no energy from the grid. It is hoped that every suitable home should be fitted with renewable energy generation and storage. This makes it a highly appropriate time for the growth of Green Square.


The industry background

The UK is committed to achieving an 80 per cent reduction in carbon emissions by 2050, thanks to the 2008 Energy Climate Change Act, endorsed by the coalition. The UK government has made a concerted drive to promote renewables with a raft of legislation and incentives for consumers and businesses. The renewables sector is central to strengthening the green economy and the government has asserted that:

“Renewables will be a key point of the decarbonisation of the energy sector necessary by 2030… the goal is to ensure that 15 per cent of our energy demand is met from renewable sources by 2020 in the most effective way.”

  • The size of the renewables market in the UK is £5b and has witnessed a 6.5 per cent growth between 2008 – 2013.
  • The industry currently employs more than a quarter of a million people and is predicted to reach half a million by 2020.
  • Scotland is expected to account for the country’s largest share of renewable energy in terms of installed capacity and generation.

The right time for Green Square

The current commitment from the UK government makes this a hugely exciting time for the renewables industry and it forms a central position in driving the UK economy towards a sustainable green economy as laid out in the UK Renewable Energy Roadmap.

“The transition to a green economy presents significant growth opportunities for UK- based businesses.”

At the centre of the government’s commitment to renewable energy is the establishment of the UK Green Investment Bank, the first of its kind in the world with £3 billion of funding from the government to invest in sustainable projects.

Other legislation which presents opportunities for the growth of Green Square is the introduction of a Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) which will be introduced for domestic homeowners in spring 2014. Expanding your market, householders will be able to claim retrospectively on RHI-eligable work carried out at any time after July 2009. It is hoped that these incentives will encourage the take-up of biomass boilers and associated products.

In depth knowledge of renewable energy products

In depth knowledge of renewable energy products

Our market

There are many market indicators which demonstrate that this is a good time for Green Square. With our diverse range of customers, we can deliver our services across a wide range of markets.

Most typically these are:

  • Homeowners – There are currently 23.4 million homes in England and Wales. This represents enormous opportunities for all our potential franchisors in all geographical locations in the UK. Homeowners are increasingly aware of rising energy costs and are looking for new ways of heating their homes through self-generated sustainable energy.
  • House builders – In December 2006 the government announced its proposals for all new homes to be ‘zero-carbon’ by 2012 and the overall strategy was set out in the policy document, ‘Building a Greener Future: Towards Zero Carbon Development’. Green Square can work with local house builders to build relationships and strive to become a preferred supplier.
  • Architects – The UK’s 30,000 architects are increasingly aware of the role buildings and design play in reducing our carbon footprint and as such they present Green Square with great opportunities for working in partnerships. RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) and ARB (Architects Registration Board) provide directories of British architects.
  • SMEs – At the start of 2012 there were an estimated 4.8 million businesses in the UK. This number presents Green Square with an almost unlimited number of potential customers who can be advised about renewable energy solutions. Local knowledge will be a great asset for each new territory franchisee. Organisations like the FSB (Federation of Small Businesses) and British Chambers of Commerce offer directories of members and offer a full programme of networking events.

Our vision

Green Square has a vision which is in keeping with this dynamic sector and we have an ambitious plan to establish a national framework of local branches, each run as a franchise operation to provide a full range of services and products while offering the highest levels of customer care and product expertise.

The accessibility and reliability of our brand have been encapsulated in our street sign logo which denotes that we are easy to find and provide an accessible, uncomplicated option for the homeowner looking for new energy sources. Our fully trained staff, industry accreditation and interactive website assure customers of our expertise in what can be a complex area.

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