The Support Package


Green Square Core Values

If we don’t know the answer – we say as much. We will always find out and the communicate our learnings to the customer


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The training package

You will be supplied with a training package that will cover everything you need to operate your Green Square Franchise:

  • Induction to Renewable Energies
  • Technical and product
  • Marketing and sales
  • Operations
  • Business administration

Comprehensive manuals will also be provided for your guidance and reference for all aspects of running your business for operating it at a local level.



Getting you off to a good start

A special launch programme will be designed to assist you in finding your first customers. This launch programme will include
local advertising, a fully managed PR launch campaign along with a number of other local marketing activities.

Continuous marketing and promotional programmes

We will teach you how to market your business in your territory and provide guidelines and marketing and promotional material for your use. You will also benefit from both our national website and your local website which will be geared towards driving customers to you.

As we develop, we will organise national marketing by means of our National Marketing Fund.

Continuous back-up

To help keep you moving along on the right lines and to assist with the growth of your business, our Business Development Manager will pay you regular visits. In this way your operation will be carefully reviewed, with continuous advice and guidance being provided to help you build your business.

Plus, we will provide:

  • Continuous business development training
  • Newsletters to keep you informed of developments
  • Back-up from our central support team in all matters relating to your business

Future business development

Our aim is to develop Management Franchises across the country to replicate and build on the existing Green Square business.